Kaafir: Can terrorism, prejudice and soulmate love mix?

Cast and Credits

  • Main Cast: Dia Mirza (Kainaz Akhtar), Mohit Raina (Vedant Rathore), Dishita Jain (Sehar).
  • Director: Sonam Nair
  • Cinematographer: Pratik Shah
  • Written By: Bhavani Iyer
  • Dialogues: Vicky Chandra
  • Languages: Hindi and English. Subtitles (in English) available.
  • Genres: Thriller, Romance, True Story
  • Episodes: 8 (average duration 30 – 60 minutes)
  • Producer: Sidharth Malhotra, Alchemy Films
  • Digital Platform: Zee5

Plot Description

Main Themes

  • How the elusive promise of Kashmiri freedom is leaving in its wake a vehement, visible sense of psychological trauma and frustration faced by both the Kashmiri Hindu and Muslim communities who reside in this perturbed region.
  • The loosely-hidden Jihadist agenda of trying to “capture India”;
  • How human interest news stories in Indian journalism generate more Television Rating Points (TRPs) because of the so-called “emotional connect” and are often superimposed over strongly relevant crime/terrorism/hard news stories which are actually in the public interest;
  • The possibility of a woman being both a terrorist and a mother, although Kainaaz isn’t actually a militant;
  • The psychological development of children born in prisons and how their recovery from the trauma warrants strong levels of empathy, compassion, patience and support;
  • How army families deal with trauma, death and grief;
  • The societal pressures of becoming a mother after marriage, especially in rural South Asian communities, but this could very well ring true for women across all classes, qualifications and cultures;
  • The ruthless patriarchal structure typically seen in South Asian families: i.e. what the self-appointed “head” of the family says, i.e. the father, goes, even if its detrimental to the quality of the lives of his fully-grown, well-educated and liberal-minded children.
kaafir, zee5, dia mirza, mohit raina, dishita jain, kaafir trailer, kaafir still image
Trailer Still from Kaafir (ZEE5, 2019)

Narrative Flow: Prejudice and Soul Love Intertwines

Pressures of becoming a mother

kaafir, zee5, dishita jain, dia mirza, mohit raina, sehar, kainaaz akhtar, vedant rathore
Dishita Jain as Sehar, Dia Mirza as Kainaaz Akhtar and Mohit Raina as Vedant Rathore in Kaafir (Zee5, 2019)

Stresses of living in war-torn, politically-conflicted regions

kaafir, zee5, mohit raina, vedant rathore, indian lawyer, indian journalist
Mohit Raina as Vedant Rathore in Kaafir (Zee5, 2019)

Mohit Raina as Vedant Rathore

Soulmate Love between Vedant and Kainaaz

kaafir, zee5, mohit raina, dia mirza, love story, soulmate love
Dia Mirza as Kainaaz Akhtar and Mohit Raina as Vedant Rathore in Kaafir (ZEE5, 2019)

Dia Mirza as Kainaaz Akhtar

Mise-en-scene and other technical aspects



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